Friday, 20 January 2012

Production Bible schedule

Here is all the things I need to do for this semester. Just made a basic schedule, we'll see how long it last!

Lia Mai

Character Log- Lia Mai is 21. She is 5’8 and has dyed bright auburn hair. She has an athletic build and pale skin.

Back Story- Lia Mai was orphaned as a child and is now the fulltime carer of her younger sister. As a young teen she and her sister were passed around foster homes frequently. She is a bit of a rebel and is also very ambitious and determined in character. She works long night shifts in a bar in order to pay her way through law school and to afford afterschool care for her 11 year old sister.

Modelling test

Sketches and concept art

These are some sketches I did two summers ago, knowing that I was going to take this direction in 4th year.